Installing Percona xtrabackup on CentOS 5.x

This covers the basic installation of the xtrabackup package on CentOS. This is necessary in order to take hot backups of a database using the InnoDB storage engine. By default, Mysql has no options to take a full hot backup of a live InnoDB database.

For more information,  please see Percona’s website located here:

0. Login as root

1. Get rpm from Percona
(check your server version before installing, there are specific RPM’s for 32-bit and 64-bit)
see here for rpm list:
cd /tmp

2. Install rpm (32-bit on this test machine)
Rpm –Uvh percona-release-0.0-1.i386.rpm

3. Check repo for package
yum list | grep percona

4. Install xtrabackup
yum install xtrabackup –nogpgcheck
I still have testing to do on actual usage, so I’ll create a new post on tests of backups and restoring databases.


2 thoughts on “Installing Percona xtrabackup on CentOS 5.x”

  1. Were you ever able to resove this?
    My apologies for the late response.

    I'd try clearing the yum repos on your machine using the following command, then re-running the yum list command.

    yum clean all


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